Suzuki Cars


Winning all over the world

Suzuki is an admired world leader in high-performance automobiles, SUVs, motorcycles and ATVs. Suzuki racing machines have captured Grand Prix racing trophies and championships all over the world, from the twists and turns of Laguna Seca to the international racetracks of Grand Prix Road Racing, to the wild jumps of International Supercross. The experience and expertise that makes Suzuki synonymous with consistent performance, goes right into every vehicle we make. Whether it’s to help get your kids safely to school—or to compete at 210 mph on the MotoGP Grand Prix circuit. At Suzuki, we race to learn. We just happen to learn very, very fast.

Japan’s second-largest maker of small cars, trucks and SUVs

Our stunning racing motorcycles get lots of headlines, but it’s the performance, quality and value of our high-technology cars and SUVs that really put us on the map. Suzuki is one of the world’s largest car manufacturers: Suzuki outsells Mazda, Subaru, and Porsche combined. In the incredibly demanding Japan market, Suzuki builds more small vehicles of all kinds than Nissan or Honda, and in many years has had the #1 best-selling vehicle in the country.

Good for you. Great for the planet.

Suzuki vehicles are also built to be as environmentally responsible as they are exciting. Every Suzuki vehicle sold in the U.S. scores “above average” in the U.S. government’s EPA pollution and greenhouse gas evaluations. And most Suzuki models have earned superior EPA fuel-mileage estimates, compared to the competition in their respective classes.

The right powertrain for you

Suzuki offers a drive-train system for every type of need, from city driving to demanding off-road conditions.

#1 Warranty

  1. 100,000-mile/7-year powertrain limited warranty. Unlike many warranties, it is fully transferable, increasing resale value when you sell your car. And there is a zero-dollar deductible, which means NO charge for warranty service. Under many other warranties, you’ll discover a $50 or $75 charge for every item that requires attention.
  2. 24/7 Roadside Assistance, available 24 hours a day during the first 36,000-mile/3-year new vehicle limited warranty period.
  3. A FREE loaner car for up to five days during the 36,000-mile/3-year new vehicle limited warranty period for warranty covered repairs.

Other manufacturers may also claim they have a “100,000-mile warranty”. But when you look at the fine print, you’ll see that Suzuki’s really is “America’s #1 Warranty.”

A long history of success

Our company is just as strong as our warranty.

Suzuki is a global leader in the automotive industry, with over 50 years of continuous profitability. That means we build great products, and we’ll always be there to support our customers.

Suzuki designs and builds some of the most technologically advanced, exciting, and dependable vehicles on the road today. Read the Awards, the Media Reviews and the Owner Testimonials in the Accolades section of our model showrooms, and you’ll know why Suzuki is such a smart choice today. When you buy a Suzuki, you can have maximum confidence—because of the proven quality of our products, the pride and strength of our company, the unbeatable built-in value, and the unprecedented coverage of America’s #1 Warranty. We invite you to investigate, learn, and compare for yourself.

We’re confident you’ll be just as excited about owning, and driving, a Suzuki as we are.

Suzuki. It’s going to be a great ride.